Untouched-Threaded Connection

SLIPPING down the surfaces of blue water and whales,
I turned down the lies of your brutal truths,
I stood over your chest while moaning your dreams loud,
I got a slap from life when you chose her words over mine,
There was nothing common between me and her except the untouched-threaded connection of you.
I woke up with a heart of SMILING token of unseen reality,
Where everything is deep between you and her,
Every emotion even the hatred I wanted all from you,
But she got everything at first and I was sailing into the UNDERWATER of naked truths.
I wrapped my insecurities so tight and fell into the pure deepest ocean of black soul,
Where everything was fine and nice except the dead FISH going with a flow



A little too extra

There is a season of everything,

Season of hatred,

Season of passion,

Season of betrayal,

Season of kisses,

Season of lust,

Season of wanderer,

Season of lost,

Season of winning,

Season of shine,

Season of darkness,

Season of friendships,

Season of love,

Season of home,

Season of roads,

And all you need to do everything a little too extra which add

extra to the ordinary



Falling in air

I think at the end it’s all about with whom you want to end up not with whom you started

With no butterflies,
With no pink flowers,
With no sweet smiles,
With no blushy talks,
With no smelly candles,
There is a caterpillar rising above the shoulders ,trying harder to escape but changing its colour is still a mystery to the hidden caves



Dead Fish can Flow

Imaginative-imagination ,




Have you ever wonder why stars are shining

Or are they shining for you ?

Or just stop wondering and staring at one point,

A point where decision fails,

A narration where narrator dies,

A desperation to lose the desperate,

Or a life where there is no question to answer.

Have you started something new and completely cut it off because you distracted by someone ,

Someone whose existence matters but you not get lost if you loose the best of that existence.

The light may not be brighter,

The darkness may not persist,

The soul is not yet free,

And you still trapped in the body of belongingness and death



Love Without butterflies

I can’t see the sunshine on my side,

I don’t believe the stars shinning brighter for me every night,

I can’t feel rosy smell everytime,

I can’t listen the romantic jingles in my mind,

I don’t believe love covers the broken signs,


I don’t feel butterflies in my stomach, this time



Things i can’t change

I can never open myself for the red roses and pink candles ,

It’s been years and the separation of happiness is still hanging around the packed gifts,

There is something jammed inside the chest which I can’t pull,

I know I am more stronger than before but not much stronger than tomorrow,

Today the pale face is even more pale,

The cold winds are iced,

The sun is still hiding,

And my idea of forgetting you,again vanished



Not open for love

A deep eyed-look,

Royal blue jacket ,

Black night spark,

Wishing to stay little longer,

Hold the hand much tighter ,

And was ready to fall,

But saved myself from un-watery ocean.

Thoughts were vanished,

Brutal my eyes,

Red was not the colour of love I realised,

Bring more power to take another fall,

But got up in the jungle of untouched wildlife.

Wished for nothing,

Grew little stronger than before,

Again the roses are coming,

With the right person and right time,

I know new love is coming my way,

But I was sure I am not open for love and unloved -love life



Less to live

Have you seen the collision of land and air ?

Have you seen the devotion towards nothingness?

Have you ever tried to kill yourself and unpack the pain of cold chest ?

Have you ever felt the ground has no water and the sky has no shelter?

Have you ever wonder how easily your body will get burn by dropping some tears on someone else shoulder?

Have you been into escapism where someone put you in a shell and the other being trying really hard to break that?

Have you ever love the crack pieces of others?

Have you seen the brown soil ,black surfaces and white eyes?


Have you ever thought are you really alive or just living under the emotions of break and destroyed?