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Almost -lover

Thank you for making me believe in love, atleast for once.




life, reality

realistic Change

​I don’t know what is this sudden change 

I want to sing, 

Want to fly, 

Want to be happy,

Happy in love,life and living.

I don’t know what is this sudden strength 

I want to enjoy the life, 

See the oceans ,

Listen to the waves ,

Waiting for birds to fly .

I don’t know what is this sudden beauty

That I cannot express how beautiful my  mom is, 

How beautifully she transform herself from girl to a woman, 

How beautifully she leading her life, 

How beautiful her soul is that she always forgive me for the mistakes.

I don’t know what is this sudden challenge 

That I want to live more strongly every time I fail, 

I want to fall in love not only with people but with life,

That losing is not an end but a chance,a challenge   to do everything from the start