The silent zone

He wrapped me around his arms,
The essence of his smell ,
The Rough moustache,
And the suffocated love.
The bruises hiding under my clothes,
His presence killing me with every shared-bed,
His touch holding my breath deeply,
All I wanted to be unloved,untouched and unwanted by him



Unquestioned question

Being spiritual and follow spiritualism are two different things. Many times we will question our existence and many times we question the existence of something which we have never seen but

some has felt this inside their soul,

some has felt this inside their beliefs

and this made me to question the existence of unseen objects like the

Existence of air,

Existence of smell,

Similarly, Existence of God.

while reading the theories and turning the pages of being spiritual ,atheist and agnostic I inspired by the people with strong belief and completely forgotten in the Ras(devotion/beauty) of God .

The chants,the mantras, the artees ,the dance I have seen people crying and sometime I too felt the same like there is a strong energy giving me power ,attracting me towards it like the magnetic force. I believe in universe, I believe in stars, believe in moon,sun ,earth and i believe in positivity and may be the believers of God or the believers of Atheism believe in one thing that is the existence of self in purest form.

Purest form ,

What is this purest form? What is this self? What is this existence? Is this all inside our body or reside in the universe ? Do we exist? Is this our natural form? Who are we ?

Hopefully, we will discuss all this while sharing our thoughts together .

Sloka :


सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं सत्येन पन्था विततो देवयानः येनाक्रमन्त्यृषयो ह्याप्तकामा यत्र तत् सत्यस्य परमं निधानम्

satyameva jayate nānṛtaṁ satyena panthā vitato devayānaḥ yenākramantyṛṣayo hyāptakāmā yatra tat satyasya paramaṁ nidhānam

My interpretation :

Truth is the only living thing and have no place for falsity.

With being truthful we can achieve the devine path, the ultimate path and this can be achieved to those whose desires have been fulfilled.This will reach out only by being Truth/Truthful

Importance – This beautiful mantra is from the Mundaka Upanishad (mantra 3.1.6), written more than 2500 years ago.

Sloka and importance taken from :



Get the old touch

Sometime some people break your heart and sometimes you break your heart by giving your whole life to them …

lies might be bigger ,

Changes may occur,

But they forget your life is revolving around them,

And they might be busy with their new and successful journey,

But it’s high time to get you a reality check.

That you always being loved by them,

Always been prioritised,

Always pampered,

Always the first human to be with ,

But your evolvement now need a break ,

No it’s not over but all it need a break,

And you need to know your worth.

May be you forget while giving them your love that you need to love yourself first ,

You need to respect your emotions first ,

You need not to be available for them all the time ,

It’s time to give yourself some time and more love ,

To get in touch with old love ,life and you !



I heard you focusing on yourself

I heard you focusing on yourself,

Focusing on your success,

Loving yourself

And knows your worth

I know the new love is coming my way ,

I know the new success is around the corner,

I know the new people surrounding everywhere

But I still love myself more and I think that’s the only think keep me working harder,

Whatever I Learn , I learn for myself,

Doesn’t matter how much time it consuming but I still learn it,

I might not be running longer but I am trying to run where ever roads are taking me ,

Failures happened,

Silences brought,

Landed with empty heart ,

But I know from where to make a start.

I might not thank the universe daily ,

I know that everything will fall into the better places may be later but surely

And with each phase whether I am broken or not,

succeeding or not,

dreaming or not,

failing or not ,

I always love myself more than everybody else .

That’s where I stand now ,

And waiting for NO one to hold me back!

And we all have to feel about this once in a while or may daily



Follow your eyes ,

It is okay for a moment to be lost and follow what your eyes want , not your heart

Yes, just for once follow,

Follow the unpainted  walls ,

Follow the crowd with noise, 

Follow the rains,

Follow the birds,

Follow the roads, 

If it is hard to follow then switch the directions ,

And then follow what your eyes are following ,

For a moment just lost with all NO’S  ,

For a moment think what you can’t do ,

For a moment let yourself go ,

Go from situations you can’t handle,

Go from the days you can’t make it better,

Go from the years where you decided to be married with your partner,

Go from the memories of past lover,

Go from the assault of last job,

And if you can’t go just run then, 

Run from the time,

Run from the people you belong to,

Run from the surroundings, 

Run from all the rights,

Run from all the achievements, 

Run from the best salary ,

And if you can’t run then don’t settle,

Don’t settle for anything less,

Don’t settle for anything just good,

Don’t settle to one city or country,

Don’t settle with one degree,

Don’t settle for others ,

And if you don’t settle then for once 

          follow your eyes



I was not sure about Him

3rd Anniversary, 
Everything was in mind,

No time to execute,

I knew from the last few months

We were disconnected, 

But the love is still there,

I was too late to celebrate and putting all my efforts to be with you before 12 ,

Took the flight early,

Booked the cab,

All set to surprise you,

I am here ,

On our special day,

A day early,

And then I saw you ,

Coming out from restaurant ,


With a golden wrapper (gift paper),

I knew you were planning something ,

I went to the cafe,

So you can easily manage the surprise with more time, 

At that moment I felt so important, 

At 11.45pm I knocked,

He opened the door,

And i said ‘surprise’ !!

He asked me “what you are doing here”? (Shockingly)

I replied’ I am here to surprise you’

He said , have you checked your phone ?

I asked him why ? 

I can see all the decorations , all my  favourite rose- candles,

I asked him to let me in,

He said again’ where is your phone ?’

My phone is in the bag and might be switched off…

I was in hurry to meet you , I replied. 

I switched-on the phone and got his message, 

     “I think I can’t live like this,

      You treating me like I am  

       nobody to you , not serious  

     about our relationship and  

               Neither about me,

   And whatever between us is not

    working . Its time to separate

   our ways. I loved you but I think

        you are not sure about -me”

I was in shocked,

I asked him ,

What went wrong ,

And then I saw a woman behind him, asking him ‘who is she ?’

He replied ‘No one, just a friend !’

She hold my hand and take me inside the house ,

Asked him to break the news,

I saw him with nothingness,

And he said ‘ we are engaged’

I was so numb,

All the thoughts,

All the moments,

Covering my face and mind,

He asked me for a drink ,

I congratulate them  ,

And try to make an exit,

While leaving ,

He grabbed my hand ,

Closed the door,

Push me  outside,

and said’ I can explain’ ..

I turn and looked at him and said ‘ happy anniversary’ , 

took out the box from my bag,

handed him the ring,

and said , ‘you were right I am not sure about you’ !



Thinking Thoughts

I wish to climb high and see what is  into your heart,

I wish to sneak into your house and see what is  inside your mind,

I wish to fall from height and  see what love you are falling in 

I wish to be your words and listen what sentences you creating,

I wish to swim into deepest ocean and feel how deeply you are madly in love with,

 I wish to do everything again if I loose you some between 

I cannot explain what this is ,

A kind gesture of soft heart,

A straight smile of curved lips,

An covered body of  blood vessels ,

And ,

An unimaginable collision of you and me



Things I don’t understand as human

Laying on the surface of pure Freedom,
FREE to breathe 

Free to dance 

Free to fly 

And free to think 

Think into the land of unreal real reality ,

Still not get it ? 

I too  not get it 

Still ,

Living into the land if Unreal-Real-Reality 

I climb into the SHADOW of my face,

Step by step ruining my existence ,

The blackness -darkened,

And I found ,

The SURREAL mix of life and fantasy.

Moment of transparent body  and hidden SOUL,

I get nothing,

Nothing to understand, 

Nothing to imagine 

Why humans fake their own existence?

Still not get it ? 

I too  not get it

Still ,

Creating living from holes of heart ,

PERPETUAL creatures demanding high,

I was just laying down, 

Staring the stars,

Watching the lights ,

Listening the noises,

Wishing things to get shut,

But the Reality of being Unreal give me life of Avoidance 

Still not get it ? 

I too  not get it.


I  made another lie ,

To climb the oceans of salted-tears,

To put another mask of fear,

To get into the shell so I could not hear,

And to get it what I not get it till now , 

From the presence of mine here !