Be less devoted

Hate is an emotion and love needs too much devotion

Have you ever felt you are giving way too much to someone?

Have you ever thought you are way harsh on yourself?

Have you ever felt left behind?

Have you trying really hard to get things right?

If yes ,then you are Devoted on the idea of devotion ,

You created yourself available all the time where you can easily stop yourself at first.

Loving,trusting ,committing is good but always give this who truly appreciates it.

At first the things were rosy but later things are confusing ,ever wonder why ?

Get that attraction back,

Get that intimacy of eyes back,

Get yourself back,

Keep a hold on you ,

And most specifically be you .

Give things some time ,do not run or chase the other person and importantly be less available & more consistent towards them




We all are scared of losing people in our lives .

What if I lose my family ?

What if I lose my lover?

What if I lose my friends?

What if I lose my job?

What if I lose my passion?

Have you ever thought what if ,if you lose your own self while living with them all .

Have you ?



Have you seen drowning into the emotions or seeing yourself fooling around in the name of ‘love’?
Left cities,
Travel oceans,
Escape towns,
Change jobs,
Distract hobbies,
UnFaithfull partners,
And you still survived?
You still manage to live,
You still manage to lost,
You still manage to love,
All over again?
Yes,you did.
The falling droplets might be erased but does not left you unattended. They were always there holding you,protecting from all the odds,giving you reasons to smile again in life but that’s your journey whether you chase it,cheat it,scream it,impatient with it,at least you doing something may be for yourself or for others or with someone else.
Lets live it a little more this time ,
Lets love it completely this time


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I am not a Butterfly

With all the fake-ness

We faked it naturally by smiling it passionately without blinking twice the eyes,

Saying Yes when wishing it to be No,

Wishing others could understand better rather fighting for our rights,

Leaving love behind to attain the compromises,

I lead my life understatements of others while I thought I am a butterfly.

I not lose any battle but lost in no spirit to live for a while,

I have everything in the eyes of the beholder but they forget I too have a life.

Always chasing something new with a passion to live it again for a while,

Earned nothing said by the mates whom I worshipped day and night,

They never trusted when I was sure they are the ones giving me wings to fly,

I love them unconditionally but they never allow me to fly,

The whole of my life I was seeking their permission for only once to let me breathe in an open sky,

I think more than hatred love suffocate by making it wise,

I thought I will grow,





But I lead my life understatements of others while I thought I am a butterfly,

Later I discovered which I am not,

but only a human who wants to listen only Yes for all the No’s she said in her life




Have you seen yourself denying, nagging, upsetting, messing, crying, annoying and most importantly hating everything to whom to belong to?

Yes, so do I.

You become the self of toxins where all your power wants to heal but you the only person wants to scream and loving separation to its core.

I think many don’t understand the way you showing to them and many will not.

It’s only you who going to heal with time when giving space, time and eternal love not from the body but from the soul.

All you need to hold a warm hand which doesn’t make it harder to live by but only a way to light.

No one will ever going to shine for you but lead towards glitter is the best way to glow.

Be less available for everybody and give yourself some time whether you want them or just their bodies.

Be less toxic within your heart and hide all scars with a big smile



Love is a firefly

I believe that there is a hope

When I knock myself down in the dark

Where a thousand pieces of your heart broke apart

Where mountains are high and dreams are smaller

I believe when you choose me over thousands of beautiful souls

Where fitting within you was new

Where loving you was difficult

I believe with each passing day I set myself freer

Where your hands not letting me go

Where eyes say it all at different places

I believe flowers will bloom

Where you’ll shine for me

And I’ll shine for you

like a firefly



The Right Man Story

Only a right man can Give you so much liberty so you can love your body without body shaming it on every morning.

Without any fear of plus sizes, you wear anything without covering your curves.

The way right man sees your thighs you feel so shy, bold and confident at the same point.

The way right man gives you no choice just to accept yourself is the beautiful feeling of acceptance, a woman can get through his eyes.

Who says men can’t be right?

when a right man does not just hold your waist, hold your breast, hold your face, hold your hair but holding you as a whole correctly that’s when a woman loves every human race and accept the essence of liberation and devotion at the same time



Odd from Even

Within times the time flies,
Extracting the odd from others,
Even the even becomes the lie,
There are reasons to take a step back,
But when you have to hide then why choosing life over thousand emotions that are dying?
There must be many contacts but hardly to tap on a while,
Live with little space so new things get in easily without any trial,
Be easy on you not for someone who is calling you day and night,
Holding hands are easy,
But holding souls are important when everybody is moving out ~nidarnotesnowadays


Little Lies

The tight hugs,

The separated cause,

The rosy blanket under secret of the heart,

Pulled the white sheets of doubted eyes,

Wonder why the silence persist but a volcano in my mind,

Brutal eyes of loving war,

The smell of betrayal inside my stomach,

Hunger developed beneath the rock salt,

Why there is a covered soul in a naked body?

Asked the heart with high expression,

Deeper is the emotion lying under the smiles of cracked people,

Holding hands was just a formality when someone is inside your mouth,

The undressed times are over when you looked at the empty hands and untouched minds,

Hold the unfixed ones while freeing them with white skin, unhandled hands and fake pride