Get the old touch

Sometime some people break your heart and sometimes you break your heart by giving your whole life to them …

lies might be bigger ,

Changes may occur,

But they forget your life is revolving around them,

And they might be busy with their new and successful journey,

But it’s high time to get you a reality check.

That you always being loved by them,

Always been prioritised,

Always pampered,

Always the first human to be with ,

But your evolvement now need a break ,

No it’s not over but all it need a break,

And you need to know your worth.

May be you forget while giving them your love that you need to love yourself first ,

You need to respect your emotions first ,

You need not to be available for them all the time ,

It’s time to give yourself some time and more love ,

To get in touch with old love ,life and you !



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