I heard you focusing on yourself

I heard you focusing on yourself,

Focusing on your success,

Loving yourself

And knows your worth

I know the new love is coming my way ,

I know the new success is around the corner,

I know the new people surrounding everywhere

But I still love myself more and I think that’s the only thing keeps me working harder,

Whatever I Learn , I learn for myself,

Doesn’t matter how much time it consuming but I still learn it,

I might not be running longer but I am trying to run where ever roads are taking me ,

Failures happened,

Silences brought,

Landed with empty heart ,

But I know from where to make a start.

I might not thank the universe daily ,

I know that everything will fall into the better places may be later but surely

And with each phase whether I am broken or not,

succeeding or not,

dreaming or not,

failing or not ,

I always love myself more than everybody else .

That’s where I stand now ,

And waiting for NO one to hold me back!

And we all have to feel about this once in a while or may daily



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