Follow your eyes ,

It is okay for a moment to be lost and follow what your eyes want , not your heart

Yes, just for once follow,

Follow the unpainted  walls ,

Follow the crowd with noise, 

Follow the rains,

Follow the birds,

Follow the roads, 

If it is hard to follow then switch the directions ,

And then follow what your eyes are following ,

For a moment just lost with all NO’S  ,

For a moment think what you can’t do ,

For a moment let yourself go ,

Go from situations you can’t handle,

Go from the days you can’t make it better,

Go from the years where you decided to be married with your partner,

Go from the memories of past lover,

Go from the assault of last job,

And if you can’t go just run then, 

Run from the time,

Run from the people you belong to,

Run from the surroundings, 

Run from all the rights,

Run from all the achievements, 

Run from the best salary ,

And if you can’t run then don’t settle,

Don’t settle for anything less,

Don’t settle for anything just good,

Don’t settle to one city or country,

Don’t settle with one degree,

Don’t settle for others ,

And if you don’t settle then for once 

          follow your eyes



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