I was not sure about Him

3rd Anniversary,
Everything was in mind,

No time to execute,

I knew from the last few months

We were disconnected,

But the love is still there,

I was too late to celebrate and putting all my efforts to be with you before 12 ,

Took the flight early,

Booked the cab,

All set to surprise you,

I am here ,

On our special day,

A day early,

And then I saw you ,

Coming out from restaurant ,


With a golden wrapper (gift paper),

I knew you were planning something ,

I went to the cafe,

So you can easily manage the surprise with more time,

At that moment I felt so important,

At 11.45pm I knocked,

He opened the door,

And i said ‘surprise’ !!

He asked me “what you are doing here”? (Shockingly)

I replied’ I am here to surprise you’

He said , have you checked your phone ?

I asked him why ?

I can see all the decorations , all my favourite rose- candles,

I asked him to let me in,

He said again’ where is your phone ?’

My phone is in the bag and might be switched off…

I was in hurry to meet you , I replied.

I switched-on the phone and got his message,

“I think I can’t live like this,

You treating me like I am

nobody to you , not serious

about our relationship and

Neither about me,

And whatever between us is not

working . Its time to separate

our ways. I loved you but I think

you are not sure about -me”

I was in shocked,

I asked him ,

What went wrong ,

And then I saw a woman behind him, asking him ‘who is she ?’

He replied ‘No one, just a friend !’

She hold my hand and take me inside the house ,

She Asked him to break the news,

I saw him with nothingness,

And he said ‘ we are engaged’

I was so numb,

All the thoughts,

All the moments,

Covering my face and mind,

He asked me for a drink ,

I congratulated them ,

And try to make an exit,

While leaving ,

He grabbed my hand ,

Closed the door,

Push me outside,

and said’ I can explain’ ..

I turned and looked at him and said ‘ happy anniversary’ ,

took out the box from my bag,

handed him the ring,

and said , ‘you were right I am not sure about you’ !



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