Things I don’t understand as human

Laying on the surface of pure Freedom,
FREE to breathe 

Free to dance 

Free to fly 

And free to think 

Think into the land of unreal real reality ,

Still not get it ? 

I too  not get it 

Still ,

Living into the land if Unreal-Real-Reality 

I climb into the SHADOW of my face,

Step by step ruining my existence ,

The blackness -darkened,

And I found ,

The SURREAL mix of life and fantasy.

Moment of transparent body  and hidden SOUL,

I get nothing,

Nothing to understand, 

Nothing to imagine 

Why humans fake their own existence?

Still not get it ? 

I too  not get it

Still ,

Creating living from holes of heart ,

PERPETUAL creatures demanding high,

I was just laying down, 

Staring the stars,

Watching the lights ,

Listening the noises,

Wishing things to get shut,

But the Reality of being Unreal give me life of Avoidance 

Still not get it ? 

I too  not get it.


I  made another lie ,

To climb the oceans of salted-tears,

To put another mask of fear,

To get into the shell so I could not hear,

And to get it what I not get it till now , 

From the presence of mine here !



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