Learning from land

I learn the meaning of ‘adjust ‘ when I first travelled in a sharing auto ,the Co -passenger making a place lifting their curves,men removing their hands and make a place for me to sit .

I learn the meaning of ‘care’ while going on Rickshaw and a biker came and tell me to make my dupatta in place while it was lying .

I learn the meaning of ‘compromise’ when a guy does not take a entry from Women’s coach in metro and leave that train and wait for the next .

I am learning the important things from life and i believe, we all are learning with all those little experiences and these experiences make the place ‘our own place’. I got many opportunities to settle to another country but I always find it very hard to make a decision.

I think I belong to this  place, this country, my home country and everybody feel the same when they have freedom to live,freedom to take decisions . Many times we all our forced to follow some decisions which we don’t like and we become rebellious,we put dharnas,strikes  only to make our voice raised.

I am learning lot of new things by living into the land of fighters, warriors,spiritualism,feminism,conservatism, patriotism, rituals  and a light of modernism adapted by families of culture-ism.

And this made me a part of my country and a part of this land



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