Droplets flowing with no intention of getting it back , they have no power to hold them again, they even don’t expect what will be the outcome whether earth going to give warm or coolness. They just flowing .

Flowing into the light,

Flowing into the hollowness,

Flowing into the pain,

Flowing into the happiness,

Flowing into the dancing steps,

Flowing into the smiles ,

Flowing into the smell ,

Flowing into the shine,

Flowing into the odds,

Flowing into the dark.

They are just flowing .

Then why we holding it ? Why we want someone to be connected with us when we ourselves can’t connect with them? Why we do not want to be judged by someone  when we ourselves can’t stop judging others? Why we expecting high from others when we can’t do anything for someone else. 

And who are those ‘others ‘ they are the people who once connected with us and become the part of our lives and because they can’t stay longer we put them in ‘other’s section’ .

Nothing is permanent in this universe and we all  have to pay everything only under this universe then why we making it hard for ourselves?  Why we can’t call our ex and ask what’s up? Why we can’t study at the age of 50? Why we can’t go and explore ourselves while leaving the 6 digit salary or more or less?why we can’t say sorry and be friends with our school friend? What this ego is about? What this uncertain respect is about? What this unwanted happiness is about? What this unsorted pain is about? What this unforgettable  worst memory is about ? 

Why we giving pain to ourselves when we can make it all good by our own , why we living like we have plenty years with us ?

What if today is your last day? Or tomorrow you never meet someone with whom you want to be in touch ?

What if all the if’s,  all the but’s went to zero and you live with nothing, what if you wake up in the morning and no one around you , will you still abandon some people in your life ? Will you still remain quiet and go to sleep ? Will you still not forget someone who hurt you and who are you to forgive someone?

We all are born with some goodness and with some not so perfect attributes,  we all are mutually dependent on each others , we all belong to one genre ‘humans’  and we all are best in our own ways. 

We all are like rains , flowing into the flow of world, want to grow ourselves, want to give the best of ourselves to others but we forget to work on our own self. 

Why not give us another chance knowing we can fail again but is there anything to lose ? I think No , we already lost the good of us and may be now we get the best of us while flowing into the flow of our created world, the world where darkness is important than light, where sorrows is important than being bright and where love is important than life .
And ,

darkness is important in life !



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