It’s all about me 

Do you think about yourself?

Do people talk about how selfish, self centered you are?

do not care about it, you love yourself and that is what we all are searching, 

Let them say whatever they want to say , learn from your experiences , live your days happily no matter whether things going right or not, 

I do not care about others what they are thinking and that is why I SURVIVE!

I  am not in contact with people to whom I loved at one point and now they have a special place in my heart, I moved on  from the career changes to relationships. 
I do not want to settle with anyone or do not want to settle for less, I know what I want from my life and I do not impose this on any one.  I make my own decisions and because of this I failed and lose people which I never wanted. 

But what I understood is people are not permanent , you will lose them one day.

But what next? 

Nothing. it’s just me and it always about me. Some people call it selfish but I love myself , I want to achieve things which other dont want or I expect something else from a relationship . 

People always ask me what you want in a relationship , freedom? Space? Independence? 

But all this i already have , a freedom to choose and to say what I want  from a person , 

if I ever wanted space then why I choose a person to be with or 

independence does not mean that a woman is taking all the decision and doing things on her own . I believe in equality , I don’t believe whether a woman or a man is higher than the other. 

I have my own ways to choose things and surely other people too.

 whether you are a woman or a man you do not have to settle for less. This is your life and you have to make the best of it . 

I never regret of  my decisions neither I complain about things ,all this is about me and I know how to make everything in place.

Live your life the way  you want to live, lead it with passion and desires , you can fail at many times but you know what next to do !
Happy living 



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