Be Motivated:Fight against depression-4 

Depression :something no one wants to talk about!

You are broken from inside and some cracks are not yet healed,

You are smiling but not laughing and there are times you miss the old you ,

You have failed everyday and must be wondering to stop living again,

You have seen death or someone just left you ,abandon you , betrayed you and you still thinking :I deserve an answer or a reason,

But I need to tell you ,

Yes YOU , 

You are STRONG,

Strong enough to pick yourself all again and  knowing that you failed thousand times but you TRYING,

Trying HARDER than anyone to get Yourself BACK,

Back from where you belong to.

You might have lost that shiny eyes,the beautiful smile or essence of love

But I need to tell you the UNIVERSE IS GIVING YOU A BIG HUG,

Yes , this is true and now it’s time to pat yourself  because you come out not as a winner but as a SURVIVOR from this storm.

Never stop yourself from growing,learning or never afraid from losing because we all are human and we can’t be perfect and 

    It is ok to win & perfect to lose




4 thoughts on “Be Motivated:Fight against depression-4 ”

  1. nice step!
    from my point of view,Depression is not a sign of ur weakness its the proof that u were so strong in the past!!
    so why not again?

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