Fight against Depression -3

Depression : something no one wants to talk about!

Your days might be off like your mood,

You hardly care about your own feelings,

You are broken,  so we all are,

You disconnected yourself from everybody,

You fighting all this by yourself,

but I think you are BLESSED,

Blessed to have a heart of FORGETFULNESS, 

Blessed to SMILING all day hiding your pain,

Blessed to FIGHT again knowing all your fears,

You might have wish to sleep and never wake up again,

But your eyes want to see you SURVIVING through all odds,

You might be a victim of depression but remember you are NOT ALONE in this ,

There are  people who does not have the same STRENGTH as YOU have ,

There are people who are not a WARRIOR as YOU are,

There are people who are thankless for this life and body ,

But YOU are NOT. 

Yes, you know how IMPORTANT you are for YOURSELF, 

you know YOUR WORTH ,

You might have failed many times but each time you  stood up to LIVE again,

You are the BEST PERSON for yourself and never forget that because NOTHING CAN HURT YOU EXCEPT YOU , YOURSELF,

Stop hurting,Stop blaming yourself and START LIVING FOR ONCE!



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