Fight against Depression -2

‘Depression :emotions deeply pressurised’ 

I give this meaning to the term depression. Many people have given meaning medically important and literature literate. But we need to understand the cause, how it become the highest found thing in human .

Today everybody from a child to an adult  are pressurised to perform . Perform to give good results . Results which bring best future . Future which is undefined.  

Lifestyle  of a kid or teenager :

6-6.30 am : wakes up 

7.30-8.00 am : school 

2.30-3.00 pm : reach home 

3.00-4.00 pm : lunch and get ready for tuition or other curricular activities and home work

6.00-9.00 pm: reach home or home work

9.00-10.30 pm: dinner 

11.00-12.00 : study or get back to sleep 

As a kid we have pressurised them to perform , this child also been into stress, anxiety and suffer . These all are the early signs which we have to look and throw them out from a child lifestyle. 

I know the competition is high why not give them a chance to explore their own minds and personalities once they experience their childhood. Why we always want them to correct everything? why we want to protect them ? Why we want to put things on them which we can’t do or have not done by ourselves. Why?

They do want to explore their minds, they do need to experience what the world, nature and surroundings are. 

At least lower down your expectations from them when you yourself have not met it by your own! 

Let them do what they want to do , at least for once and then you will get the best results of their choices and your expectations 

If we stop these anxiety, suffer,stress from childhood we can easily save an adult from depression !

– nidarnotesnowadays


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