wastehistime2017 -stories

He:Catch up ?


He:Where ?

I:Wait .. what.. you mean catch up I thought ketchup for my fries !
Call disconnected! 


Game of chess

The game of chess,


I make a move and the soul die,

I took another chance of luck and lust, I lock myself in the  MYSTERY of love.
She INTERTWINED my thoughts with her red-eyes,

I wiped her tears to make her mine,

She played another move in the light of dark,

I lost another chance with the IMPERFECTION ‘s art .

I had black and she had white,

Even demons can bow down when see her smile, 

I want to know her more,

I played another round,

She was coming closer to me on chess-board,

I let her win to let me win her.
All I remember was into her arms,

She come closer and tied me hard,

She stole my heart and my money,

I ILLUMINATING my thoughts in a moment of grey,

All I left with a game of chess,

A part of her beauty and a part of her mess!



The mystery she solved

She died thousand times before trying 

She defeated million times before flying 

She haunted everyday before sunrise 

She flawed every hour before rise 

She been touched, scratched,lured every minute of her life 

But still she remain untouched by the one she crying

Been embarrassed, abandoned or missed is not she concerned, 

All she wanted to be alive to feel what she felt and what she had, 

She may made herself self-sufficient or may not want to be settle for less , 

But at the end she wanted to be the one who want to be alone but not a loner who kill herself