Thinking about you- Maa

I have seen her white-angelic color, the skin which is so soft that whenever I poke her the giggle become  laughter and make her skin more pink

I have seen her pink Sarree,whenever she dress me up in it I smell the pure fragrance of her
I have seen her scolding me and feeling sad about it 

I have seen her doing everything on her own from household work to official work and truthful  about all her relationship
I have seen her dad’s wife to single mother journey and she never question her ability 

I have seen her completing her studies as well as at top position at her work and giving up everything for me
I have seen her giving me the attributes of real woman who can stood for herself 

I have seen her growing me in a way where winning is important but losing is necessary 
I have seen her growing from mother to guide to best friend and may be that’s the reason I have never seen her best friends because she has given all the best sides of her to me

At last,  I always wanted her color,her giggle,her eyes,her boldness,her funny jokes,her cooking style and everything of her , I want to be just like her