life, love


While doing something else you get into my mind,

It is a casual dealing for me ,

Heart not beat faster neither the butterflies gather.
Some mornings you stuck into my brain and  you reside till night,

It is ok for me,

Heart is empty so do my hopes of being with you.
While talking to some guy (my friends want me to hook up) I start searching the same attributes,

It is fine  for me ,

Heart still want you but I am tired of being unloved. 
Being lost for over a year and telling myself everything is good,

It is acceptable for me,

Heart still finding you and mind already convey, it is over.
Everyday I think you moved on , so do I ,

It is so-not-of me , 

Heart is still missing you but love for myself tell me: to give yourself another chance,honey




I cannot give you the definition of love,

I can only feel it,for myself