life, reality, reason


I can be in love for all good,bad,great or worst reasons .

The point is I was in love ,not for the reason but for the person


life, reality

realistic Change

​I don’t know what is this sudden change 

I want to sing, 

Want to fly, 

Want to be happy,

Happy in love,life and living.

I don’t know what is this sudden strength 

I want to enjoy the life, 

See the oceans ,

Listen to the waves ,

Waiting for birds to fly .

I don’t know what is this sudden beauty

That I cannot express how beautiful my  mom is, 

How beautifully she transform herself from girl to a woman, 

How beautifully she leading her life, 

How beautiful her soul is that she always forgive me for the mistakes.

I don’t know what is this sudden challenge 

That I want to live more strongly every time I fail, 

I want to fall in love not only with people but with life,

That losing is not an end but a chance,a challenge   to do everything from the start 



Do you want ?

If you want things to be right just work for it to make it right.

If you want to put your heart out just cry out louder at night.

If you want to have the glory just face your darker story.

If you want to lead your life just take a backseat and enjoy the ride.

If you want a closure just remove your flaws-measure.

If you want to be together just stop making efforts longer.

If you want to find yourself all again just fall in love with a leap of faith !




what if one day you wake up and find no one around you,

no one to talk,

no one to be loved ,

and no one to be with,

will you still hide from people who ones your’s ?

will you still don’t love your half-broken lover?

will you still miss your lost friend?

will you still avoid your mother’s blessing call?

will you still fight with your brother/sibling over property or money?

will you still miss your scolding father?

will you still miss your ex?

will you still want to be nowhere in your life?

will you still take your career easy?

will you still give money over love to your children?

will you still be here? thinking about this?….

will you?

Because you are half-naked in other’s eyes and naked in your mirror!