I believe in love when i realised iam not in love.

While traveling high in life,

and hoping everything alright: is what a youth is about.

i got a love: hard earned.

great memories.

we both walked a miles but end our journey on the other side.

i broke the relationship because i don’t want to be with him this time.

break downs, heartaches were all a part of this little life.

guilt come up,

i stop my self from being approached.

i went into a shell where no one can ever find.

i want to fix that up,

hoping to recover all for a while,

but failed to make it possible when i realised:

‘he already broke my heart months ago when he letting me go from his life‘,

i accept it, not because it’s a part of our journey ,

i don’t want to fade my memories by his actions but to make it alive for the rest of my life.

i believe in forgiving and forgetting.

i choose to be quiet and shy.

‘i gave him my heart and i got my soul pride.’

i believe in love when he said he does not love me longer .

i even believe him more when he said we remain friends for longer.

i believe his words because i know its all for his own saviour.

i end this very easily because i know i not wasted my years but invested on someone i never forget any longer.