Don’t give a damn!!

That’s my inner voice.

i want to talk, to explain, to say i am not wrong.

but to whom? for why?

just to tell other person that you are not what they are thinking about!!

This is a shit!

A true ‘self created’ shit. ,which that person does not care at all. yes the person does not !!

This is true and this is the fact. A fact which you know but still continue to do so.

so why not just stop!!

But again i got a voice deep down , why not just begin, begin for the one to whom you care about, knowing the person is a shit, knowing the person  does not care,but just not stop.!!

i was in full confusion what to do.

These two different , constant voices are chasing me day and night.

And after going through with so much confusion and drama …..

i choose to ‘Let Go’.

yes.  let go because i need to be happy and no one has a right to kill my happiness every time.

I don’t allow anyone to ruin my days and months any more.

I don’t care whether the person is a shit or not or whether care or not but i do care about ‘myself.

Because, this is who i am. i believe in ‘let go’.

i believe in ‘forgiveness and forgetting’

i believe in ‘me’

i choose the ‘change’. The change which is good for me, which does not bring confusions and does not count other’s happiness at first.

i believe loving some one at some place is not hard because love is constant but people are not. They keep changing.

so just let them go.

Do faults.

Say sorry

Accept people they way they are.

Again make mistakes

Fall down

Disappear for sometime

Do not talk to anyone for days

Hate other’s

Kill your desires, wishes, dreams at every night.

Cry for hours

Be alone.

Dance madly

Say a complete shit.

Chopped your hairs.

Waste some money.

Be a changer

Be a sarcastic.

Be a bitch

Behave like nuts.

Have nausea.

Scream out louder.

Be a party loner.

Drink high.

Jump it off from the heights

Be a pet.

Do anything!! Anything you want to do which describes you only not what other’s expect you to be.

you are, you. 

And you are worthy of everything …….

”you think. you believe. you live but never  you stop”!!